Seamless 3D 360 Day 2: File Management, Sync and Preview

So, we've shot video on 18 cameras. On an all-day shoot, that can sometimes mean up to 10-12gb per camera - hope you folks have a spare hard drive or two.

Here are my goals for this next step:

  1. Transfer all video files to an external hard drive
  2. Sort and rename all video files
  3. Sync video files in Adobe Premiere
  4. Render sample frames from Adobe After Effects
  5. Use sample frames to create a 2D and a 3D sample panorama

I'll use this final sample panorama to judge the quality of the shot, as well as identify any potential trouble spots (actors too close to the camera, lens flares, etc).

I thought it would be nice to show you guys the process step-by-step, and so I cover steps 2-5 in the YouTube video linked below. First, however, we need to copy over all our footage.

To get started, I transfer the footage from each camera into a corresponding subfolder - Cam01's footage goes into folder 01, and so on. I quickly look through the folders to ensure I have the expected number of files, deleting any unplanned extras and noting any missing files (if I didn't double check my cameras were recording on set).

From here, just check out the YouTube video:

I use a blank folder template to save the trouble of creating 18 new folders for each project. You can download the folder template here.

I use a free bulk renaming utility to manage my 360 video files - download link here.

I also make use of a free After Effects script called "rd_RenderLayers" - download link here.

Finally, here are the PTGui templates (18 camera template and masks) that I use for my 18 camera rig. You can use them as described in the video - hopefully you'll have a much better understanding of how they work after the next tutorial.

I may have overdone the coffee for this tutorial, but I had a lot of fun recording. If I cruised too fast past anything, feel free to leave questions in the comments or on the forum!